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Our patients love MOMI!

Here's why.

"This is a great program that will get you results.  You will receive all the tools you need to make your target weight obtainable.   Once you are ready mentally to attack it, this program will make it happen"

"Prior to becoming a patient at Medical Obesity Management of Indiana (MOMI), I was on the Jenny Craig program. Jenny Craig cost me $400 to start the program and that didn’t include the food that cost me $18 per day. So I had to stop the program ultimately because of the expense. When I decide to start the weight loss journey again, I found MOMI and this program is a lot cheaper than Jenny Craig! To start the program the fee was very acceptable and it was with a Board certified physician. The meal replacement supplements cost me $6 per day. I would also have a lean meal daily for a total of about $12 a day. This program was a savings for me; about $180.00 per month! Even though I have to pay a co-pay to see the doctor it is worth it because on Jenny I never had my blood pressure taken or my body composition done. This was great and I see the doctor every time. 
Going through the program with MOMI made me feel assured that I would lose weight, but keep me healthy at the same time. I am very pleased with the results! I was able to lose the 20 pounds that I put on after stopping the other program plus losing 21 pounds more. My lowest weight on Jenny was 152. Now I am at my goal weight of 140 pounds. I am able to by a size small in clothes. This is fantastic and amazing to me. I plan to keep the weight off and stay healthy with follow up visits at MOMI."

"Before starting this weight loss experience, I’m sure my story was similar to many others.  I met the clinical definition of obese, but did not have a realistic understanding of how heavy I truly was.  I knew I had a few pounds to lose, but didn’t realize how the extra weight was impacting my health and life.  I was in denial and definitely uneducated about food choices, portion control and just knowing what is my ideal weight.  I didn’t know how to set a goal for my weight and for sure didn’t know how to get to that goal.  That changed very quickly after meeting with Dr. Whirley-Diaz and learning about my unhealthy and unsustainable relationship with food.  Dr. Whirley-Diaz analyzed how I was eating and what drove me to eat.  Then she mapped out a plan to a new healthier me.  The loss of over 50 pounds in just over 3 months has totally changed my life.  I feel incredibly better.  I sleep soundly.  I have much more energy and reduced stress.  I am happy with how I look in my clothes.   I went from medical factors where cholesterol, triglycerides and other variables were abnormally high to a point now where they are in normal range.  Dr. Whirley-Diaz showed me a smart and straightforward path that I could understand how to follow.  The MOMI staff supported me through every step and made the experience a great success.  It’s obviously hard to hide such a physical change, and I’ve been glad to share my story with others who ask.  The story is simple.  There IS a solution for everyone, it IS possible, and it DOES change everything!  Thanks so much!"

"Like many business professionals, my day was filled with countless meetings and fast food luncheons.  Add to this, a good dose of business travel and it’s easy to see how one could accumulate an extra pound or two, let alone a growing feeling of slothfulness.


As my waistline expanded, so did my fear of my annual physical.  For years, I heard my family practitioner warn me about my increasing weight and its relationship with blood sugar levels.  I am the kind of guy who had never met a donut he didn’t like!


It was shortly after the doctor said, ‘You need to lose some weight or next year it’s likely you’ll walk out of here clutching an insulin prescription’, that I sought the advice of Dr. Jennifer Whirley-Diaz, of Medical Obesity Management of Indiana.  Dr. Whirley-Diaz helped me recognize that a lot of my love of eating was tied to stress relief.  She helped reshape how I thought about food and more importantly, how to change my eating habits to shed pounds quickly, in a healthy way, and how keep the weight off. 


I have lost 60 lbs. following Dr. Whirley-Diaz’s advice.  I’ve gone from being clinically obese to now being right in the middle of my ideal weight range.  What’s even more meaningful is that I’ve been able to keep off the weight for over a year.  The added bonus has been the many comments regarding how much younger I look, coupled with knowing how much better I feel.


I can’t say enough good things about the results Dr. Whirley-Diaz helped me achieve.  I am willing to bet she can help you accomplish your weight loss goals too."


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