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Serena lost 130 lbs in 1 Year!

"When I sought out a physician-supervised weight-loss program,it was a last resort. I was miserable and defeated, beaten down by countless failed diets, convinced I was stuck with the weight, and worried I might not make it to fifty. Dr. Whirley-Diaz helped me reclaim myself. Her program is simple and efficient and, as it turns out, quite delicious. I never even hit a plateau. I'm not saying it's been easy; it was a lot of hard work, and it'll continue to be a lot of work for the rest of my life. But the skills I've learned, the new habits I've formed, and the knowledge that I have Dr. Whirley-Diaz in my corner whenever I need help make me confident I can keep the weight off for the long haul."


Chris lost 191 lbs in 9 months!

"Dr. Whirley-Diaz’s weight loss program has allowed me to regain control of my diet.  Replacing meals with nutritionally controlled bars and shakes helped break numerous bad habits I had developed, that led to a dangerously unhealthy weight.  Not having to worry about making the right decisions allowed me to focus on eliminating bad habits like fast-food and soda from my life.  I no longer crave foods that provide instant gratification.  Now I look to food for nutrition and enjoyment.  Cooking my own dinners, within the constraints of the diet, gave me a greater appreciation for that meal.  Now as I transition off the Doctor’s diet, I know I can be more intentional about enjoying a healthy diet, without falling back into the destructive eating habits I had developed.  In addition, I now enjoy exercising and living a more active life since, as the weight came off, my energy levels sky-rocketed.


I highly recommend Dr. Whirley-Diaz and Medical Obesity Management of Indiana to anyone who is willing to commit strongly to her diet plan.  Spending a few months, on what I will admit was a challenging diet, is worth it.  I now have the foundation to live the rest of my life as a healthier and happier individual."


Adam lost 110.1 pounds in 7 months!

Adam started our program weighing in at 343.9 pounds. Nine weeks into the program he had broken the 300-pound mark and weighed 297.2 pounds. He had lost a total of 26.5 inches, 9 of which came off his waist. After ten weeks in the program he has now lost a total of 56.7 pounds, an average of 5.67 pounds per week. He is off his gout medicine, his knee pain has resolved, and the compliments from his coworkers increase daily. He is very happy with his progress. In 7 months Adam has lost 110.1 pounds. He’s feeling great and looking great. He hasn’t reached his goal yet so we’ll keep you informed as his journey continues.

"Like many others, I have struggled with my weight for most of my life.  I have tried to lose weight many times with varying levels of success, but eventually I would gain back more weight than I lost.  Each time I was serious about losing weight, but I ended up getting discouraged because of the confusing ways my body fought my weight loss attempts.  I had given up and accepted the fact that I would probably die a heavy person. 
I was referred to MOMI by a friend, and I was immediately impressed with the welcoming and accommodating nature and relaxed approach of Dr. Jennifer Whirley-Diaz and her staff.  The office has a family atmosphere, and Dr. Whirley-Diaz and her staff truly care about me and helping me get to my goal weight and maintaining it for life.   During each office visit, Dr. Whirley-Diaz inquires about my successes and struggles with food and stress, and she provides specific guidance and suggestions tailored to my individual situation.  She also educates me about how my body reacts to different foods, and helps me avoid potential pitfalls before I run into them. The program has created a stable platform from which I am able to confidently predict how changes in my diet and life will affect my weight. 
Through the program, I have steadily lost weight each week for a total of 64 pounds in twelve weeks!  I feel much better now, I have gone down several clothing sizes, I have much more flexibility and much less joint pain, and each week I get compliments and encouragement from family, friends, and coworkers.  I have a long way to go, but I am confident that I now finally have the tools and understanding I need to get to my goal weight and maintain it for life.
Thank you, Dr. Whirley Diaz and staff for making such a major and lasting impact on my life!  My children thank you as well!"


John lost 101.1 pounds in 25 weeks!

John started our program in with a BMI of 43.2 weighing in at 318.4 pounds. His waist measured 52 inches. He had high blood pressure and his cholesterol was elevated. Now, he is off his blood pressure medication, he wears size 38 pants, and his cholesterol is normal. As you can see in the pictures, John’s body changed rapidly. In 2 months he lost 20.5 inches, 9 of which were in his waist. In 3 months he had lost 60.2 pounds and his body composition reflected the changes that we wanted; decreasing body fat while maintaining his metabolic rate and his lean body mass. After 25 weeks he has lost 101.1 pounds! His goal is 215 pounds, which will give him a BMI of 29.1. John has averaged a loss of 4.36 pounds per week so he should meet his goal within the next 2-3 weeks. 
Congratulations John!

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